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Blog: The Clinical Domain is Evolving. Make Sure your CTMS is Evolving with It.

In April 2020, ArisGlobal hosted a webinar titled “The Evolving Role of CTMS in Risk Management”. During the webinar, Sondra Pepe, Senior Director, Clinical Business Unit, discussed the challenges facing modern clinical trial management, and how clinical trial managers can position themselves for success going forward.

Sondra began the webinar highlighting the growing complexity of clinical trials, and the difficulty clinical teams face when managing stakeholders and maintaining oversight under tight timelines. Clinical trial management is an expansive and complicated process that requires stakeholders to constantly review, evaluate, and manage operational risks to determine their impact on critical data and processes. Clinical teams must identify thresholds for measurable KRIs and KPTs and create viable mitigation plans.

With a solid clinical trial management strategy in place, clinical teams are able to easily monitor KPIs and KRIs within their active clinical trials. Many CTMS solutions, however, which are often relied upon to solve challenges, pose their own unique set of issues. Some of them are too expensive and cumbersome to integrate. Others are not able to properly manage the appropriate set of milestones, risks, templates, and key performance indicators inherent in a clinical trial.

ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere CTMS10 is an end-to-end solution that is designed to manage all clinical trial complexities and make the entire clinical trial management process easier and more transparent for companies of all sizes. It:

    • Enables simple, end-to-end clinical trial management in a single application, reducing complexity to empower organizations of all sizes
    • Automates key clinical trial activities to enhance productivity and deliver faster trials
    • Makes site payments and monitoring fast and easy by including them out-of-the-box

To listen to the full webinar, please click here.

Learn more: ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere CTMS10 is here to help clinical companies of all sizes. Contact us today to learn how LifeSphere CTMS10 can help your clinical trials or view our product page.