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Press Release: ArisGlobal LifeSphere MultiVigilance is Selected By Asahi Kasei Pharma

Miami, Florida, Tokyo, August 23, 2021

Asahi Kasei Pharma Corp. has selected LifeSphere® MultiVigilance as a new safety database with the purpose of building a system that supports efficiency, regulatory compliance, and global collaboration over the long term. In addition, Asahi Kasei Pharma will adopt ArisGlobal’s rapid migration methodology, which has been successfully embraced by many of the world’s leading life sciences companies when transitioning from their legacy safety systems.
“We are very pleased that Asahi Kasei Pharma will adopt ArisGlobal’s multi-tenant LifeSphere® Safety suite,” says Pat Jenakanandhini, Chief Product Officer at ArisGlobal. “We offer the world’s largest and most innovative multi-tenant safety cloud. Asahi Kasei Pharma is an example of how customers in Japan and globally can meet a wide range of requirements for patient safety by leveraging our leading technology.

About ArisGlobal

ArisGlobal is transforming the way today’s most successful Life Sciences companies develop breakthroughs and bring new products to market. Our end-to-end drug development technology platform, LifeSphere®, integrates our proprietary Nava® cognitive computing engine to automate all core functions of the drug development lifecycle. Designed with deep expertise and a long-term perspective that spans more than 30 years, LifeSphere® is a unified platform that boosts efficiency, ensures compliance, delivers actionable insights, and lowers total cost of ownership through multi-tenant SaaS architecture.
Headquartered in the United States, ArisGlobal has regional offices in Europe, India, Japan, and China. To learn more about ArisGlobal and its products, please visit the ArisGlobal homepage.

About Asahi Kasei Pharma

In accordance with the Asahi Kasei Pharma Mission “To sincerely care for each individual life and solve their unmet medical needs with a wealth of ideas and solid science,” Asahi Kasei Pharma operates pharmaceutical and diagnostic businesses in the Health Care Business Unit of the Asahi Kasei Group. Asahi Kasei Pharma has developed numerous innovative drugs in the field of orthopedics, acute care, neurology (including pain), and immunology, contributing to society by providing such products to patients who suffer from diseases. For more information, please visit