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Press Release: New Partnership with Sitero Will Deliver AI Innovation in Life Sciences Research & Development with LifeSphere®

Sitero, the next-generation clinical trial solutions provider and specialist in AI-enabled automation, will provide LifeSphere implementation services

Boston, MA, USA February 8, 2024 – ArisGlobal, a leading innovative life sciences technology company and creator of LifeSphere®, today announced a new strategic partnership with Sitero, a technology enabled and site-focused clinical trial solutions provider. Sitero will offer and implement innovative LifeSphere solutions to global customers, with a focus on advancing the industry’s adoption of AI-based research and development solutions. As the Life Sciences industry continues to expand the use of AI technology, this strategic partnership will allow Sitero and ArisGlobal to support their clients through all phases of adoption to ensure their business process and technology objectives align and efficiency gains are maximized.

LifeSphere solutions support AI innovation across a range of clinical use cases, which Sitero will help bring to life for drug development companies by leveraging their business process expertise and automation consulting capabilities. ArisGlobal recently announced the launch of LifeSphere NavaX, the industry’s next-generation cognitive computing engine to expedite R&D digitization for life sciences, which Sitero will help pharmaceutical companies leverage and adopt the latest technologies, including Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLM).

Sitero and ArisGlobal are already actively involved in a large LifeSphere implementation project with a major global healthcare brand to help that company maximize the solution’s AI-enabled automation potential. Sitero chose to partner with ArisGlobal and implement LifeSphere Safety for its automation capabilities and interoperability with other state-of-the-art systems.

David Ingraham, President of Sitero, said: “We are delighted at this opportunity to deliver ArisGlobal’s powerful LifeSphere solutions to our clients and ensure that they make full use of the automation benefits. Life Sciences companies aren’t always sure how to best leverage AI and next-generation powered tools to improve existing processes and through this partnership with ArisGlobal, we’ll help companies fully realize the value of AI integration and its potential to advance end-to-end quality and efficiency.”

Emmanuel Belabe, SVP at ArisGlobal, said: “The opportunities are broadening in Life Sciences R&D to use AI-enabled automation to improve process results and efficiency, especially in patient safety. Through this new partnership, users of our LifeSphere platform will be able to access Sitero’s AI experts to support their implementation. It will create new opportunities for both large and small organizations to seamlessly integrate innovative technology to deliver safer, faster breakthroughs.”

Solutions on the LifeSphere platform include LifeSphere MultiVigilance, LifeSphere Clarity, LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics (LSRA), LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management (LSSRM), LifeSphere Intelligent Content Management (LSICM), and LifeSphere LitPro (LSL).

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