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Safety Blogs: The Digital Mindset in Drug Safety and Moving the Needle for your Organization

Digital Mind in Drug Safety

Digital Impact on the Drug Safety Space

Digital transformation, automation, and analytics were top of mind when ArisGlobal recently hosted a thought leadership roundtable over challenges and topical issues within the drug safety space. Leading Safety executive leaders facing strategic challenges contributed perspectives and examples, generating a vibrant discussion. A major discussion raised by industry expert, Vikram Anand, Executive Vice President of Compliance at Eversana, was accelerating digital transformation and automation of research in biopharmaceuticals. Automation, global solutions, and trust in a digital partner are critical considerations in this dynamic industry. When assessing your problems and finding solutions, this digital mindset can include – an integration, platform approach, or a cloud-based solution supported by analytics driving insights for your decision making.

The continued discussion made clear that the life-sciences industry is shifting with many opportunities to leverage digital solutions and analytics to address considerable unmet patient needs. Whether you’re in an emerging market and focused on market development or a more mature phase looking to identify and capture potential growth segments, industry experts agree that long-term value lies in innovation-led growth, with digital and analytics at its core. The next chapter in automation should enable your organization to shift the needle from high cost and limited value to low cost and high reward.

Why BioPharma Companies Should Take Advantage of New Technologies

Automation continues to be an industry-wide topic, with many organizations aggressively looking to streamline processes through innovative technologies. A recent McKinsey article made the case that now is time for biopharma companies to automate, what the impact is likely to be, and how to move forward.

The challenge is sorting through the hype around automation and artificial intelligence to avoid generalized technology or exaggerated capabilities. At times the effort required to contextualize and deploy an immature solution can be comparable to that of a research project.

Digital Transformation Brings Opportunity for Drug Safety Solutions

Indeed, the key to successfully capitalizing on automation is identifying where it can have considerable value and then finding production-ready solutions that are already tailored to drug safety workflows and ready on day one. This strategy enables the quickest advancements in process efficiency and the highest return on investment.

Contact the Drug Safety Experts at ArisGlobal

At ArisGlobal, we endorse this approach and embrace it as a partner to the industry. It’s evident with our LifeSphere Drug Safety Platform, that our commitment to delivering production-ready AI addresses the highest priority problems in pharmacovigilance, allowing customers to advance their digital strategy in immediate ways. Teams deserve to save time, cost, and effort by enabling a digital mindset and strategy in pharmacovigilance organizations worldwide.

Digital Mind in Drug Safety Technology