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Blog: Breakthrough 2020: The biggest takeaways from ArisGlobal’s virtual event

On October 28 and 29, Breakthrough 2020, ArisGlobal’s virtual technology summit, brought together members of the life sciences community for two days of discussions on technology, innovations and trends powering the next generation of life sciences.

In a time where so much is uncertain, the event allowed industry professionals to come together on a common mission and to drive a conversation on industry challenges and solutions.

Breakthrough 2020 highlighted engaging topics covering the future of life sciences R&D, with a specific focus on Drug Safety, Clinical Development, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs technology.

If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. All sessions are available on-demand for you to view at your convenience. We’ve compiled this breakdown of some of the most important takeaways from the event.

Here’s what we learned at Breakthrough 2020. 


 Technology is Driving Change

Throughout Breakthrough 2020, the power and potential of evolving technology was a common theme. As life sciences companies pay even more attention to the importance of technology, they are realizing the value and ROI of state-of-the-art cloud platforms which help scale operations, and automation which simplifies workflows for greater accuracy and efficiency.

In Dr. Daniel Kraft’s keynote, “The Future of BioMedicine & LifeSciences, Where Can Technology Take Us?”, the Stanford and Harvard trained physician, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator, focused on the importance of transitioning from an environment of sick care, where we are reactive, to an environment of healthcare, where we are proactive and do the right things to prevent getting sick in the first place. Dr. Kraft believes that patients and doctors need information and context on the patient’s health and wellness outside the clinical setting.  In a new age of connected health and mobile applications, reinventing healthcare and creating a continuous and proactive healthcare system is becoming a reality thanks to technology and innovation.

It’s Time to Change! Drug Development in the 21st Century” was another session that highlighted just how much technology and digital innovation are changing the life sciences space. Here, speaker Dr. Rob Scott, former Chief Medical Officer of AbbVie and Chairman of ArisGlobal’s Advisory Board, focused on how technology is impacting the drug development process. In his session, Dr. Scott discussed ways digital health is transforming every stage of the clinical trial process. As technology develops, aftercare will be managed through smart devices, patients will be more connected to access their healthcare records, and precision medicine will become common. With wearables and sensors, social media platforms, predictive analytics, and telemedicine, patients will be able to participate in clinical trials no matter where they are. His findings reiterated that technology is proving to be the game-changer that will speed up the clinical trial process.


Integrating Platforms and Sharing Data will Increase Efficiency

In one of the more talked about sessions from Breakthrough, speakers Sanjeev Gupta, Director of Clinical Product Management at ArisGlobal, Gene Filipp, Sr. Solutions Consultant at ArisGlobal, and Nick Mitchell, Solutions Consultant at ArisGlobal, discussed the idea of a connected safety and clinical ecosystem. In their session, Unifying Safety and Clinical: Is Complete Clinical Safety Data Management a Solvable Challenge?” they pinpointed reduced waste, improved performance, and enhanced knowledge as the three main reasons why safety and clinical technology should be unified. With less data entry, shorter submission times, and the ability to conduct trial audits without breaks, there are considerable advantages to this proposition. Although there would be certain challenges aligning teams and systems, the three experienced speakers believe that it can be done.

In “Unifying Domains Through Data,”, Wim Cypers, Senior Vice President of, Strategy and Innovation, at ArisGlobal, further explored the theme of unification across life sciences. He acknowledged that collaboration does exist across different functions today; however, there is room to be more efficient in a world where there is a larger emphasis on data, speed, and compliance. Throughout the session, Cypers explored the unification and integration of systems across Regulatory and Safety, Regulatory and Clinical, and more. He shed light on the challenges in data sharing that exist and examined ways that companies can overcome these barriers.

ArisGlobal Continues to Find Ways to Advance Life Sciences

As the host of Breakthrough 2020, ArisGlobal did its part to share with the industry its mission and focus. Sankesh Abbhi, President and CEO of ArisGlobal, set the stage with his opening remarks, where he announced the company’s mission – “to pioneer innovative technology that helps our customers develop safer, more effective treatments, faster.” How exactly does Aris Global plan to achieve this mission? Through LifeSphere – the world’s smartest platform for life sciences.

This platform includes LifeSphere Safety, LifeSphere Clinical, LifeSphere Regulatory, LifeSphere Medical Affairs and LifeSphere Quality – encompassing all aspects of life sciences product development. By partnering with a customer base that’s increasingly open to adopting a new generation of R&D technology, advancements are happening.

One session that dove deeper into ArisGlobal’s plan to transform life sciences was Improving Stakeholder Engagement with Technology. In this session, Sandeep Mahagaonkar, Director of Medical Affairs and Quality Product Management at ArisGlobal, examined cross-functional collaboration between medical affairs groups, stakeholder influence, digital trends in stakeholder engagement and more. He also took the time to break down the role of Medical Affairs in helping companies handle information overload.

In another standout session, “LifeSphere Safety, Building the Industry’s Smartest End-to-End PV Platform,” Manny Belabe, AVP of, Safety Product Management at  ArisGlobal, discussed the vision and strategy driving the development of the LifeSphere Safety ecosystem. He touched on how ArisGlobal’s deployment of Artificial Intelligence is user-centric, making it easy for teams to use technology to meet their individual needs. Check out this session to learn how ArisGlobal is advancing patient safety by bringing the industry together to evolve pharmacovigilance.

There you have it.  Breakthrough 2020 provided innovation, technology, and thought leadership – all with the goal of advancing life sciences R&D.

With so much great insight from life sciences industry leaders, we are already looking forward to Breakthrough 2021.

You can watch any of the Breakthrough 2020 sessions on-demand by visiting and logging in with your email.