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Event: ‘Right sized’ RIMS: Discover a Purpose-Built Solution for Investigational-Stage Pharma Companies

March 7, 2023 | On-Demand Webinar |

Time and funding to support growth are precious resources to investigational-stage life sciences companies. When success is measured by the next positive study result or regulatory milestone successfully met, you cannot afford to squander it either. Cloud-based software for Regulatory Information Management is one of the first technology solutions evaluated by Clinical and Regulatory teams. However, these systems are often too expensive and too complex to provide any immediate value.

In this webinar, Regulatory leaders from ArisGlobal will discuss how a purpose-built RIMS solution focused high-priority capabilities like investigational submission and dossier planning, clinical trial authorization tracking and health authority commitment management can provide ample near-term value and quickly scale up to meet the demands of managing a global product portfolio.
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