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Press Release: ArisGlobal Is 1st Pharmacovigilance Solutions Provider to Successfully Complete Testing with EMA E2B R3 Import & Export Functionality

LifeSphere® Safety MultiVigilance gives customers a single, one-stop solution for providing full compliance with meeting EMA E2B R3 and avoids ‘work-around’ approach used by other pharmacovigilance (PV)solution vendors

Miami, Florida, 22nd November , 2017 –ArisGlobal, a leading provider of integrated, cloud-based software solutions for life sciences, today announced that LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance is the first pharmacovigilance solution (version to have successfully completed E2B R3 testing with the XCOMP EudraVigilance system. Organizations using this same tested version should contact the European Medicines Agency and confirm that step 5b can be performed by themselves without the need for confirmation by the Agency.

Meeting the November 22, 2017 deadline set by EMA will give ArisGlobal’s 200+ customers the peace of mind that they will be fully compliant with EMA’s landmark regulatory requirement. MAHs and contract research organizations benefit from a one-stop compliant solution to meet E2B R3 submission and tracking requirements.

“The E2B R3 guideline for the electronic transmission of individual case safety reports (ICSRs) is widely recognized as the single-most important pharmacovigilance requirement in the year 2017,” said Dr. Vivek Ahuja, Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance, ArisGlobal. “This time EMA also made the testing available to all PV solution vendors rather than just to the marketing authorization holders (MAHs). We are proud to be the first PV solutions provider to fully pass the testing of E2B R3 import and export functionality.”

While EMA allows backwards/forward conversion tools to be used as an alternative to a compliant solution, that approach is only a contingency plan and not a permanent solution. Drug safety software solution providers who require their customers to implement a conversion tool and then later need to upgrade to an EMA-compliant version of their PV solution once it passes testing, are adding steps, cost and burden to their customers.

“Our goal has always been to give our customers the smoothest journey in meeting their compliance requirements, said Sankesh Abbhi, Managing Director, ArisGlobal. “Leveraging LifeSphere’s multi-tenant approach, we enable our customers to seamlessly benefit from this upgrade and compliance requirement.”

Additional Information

LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance is a modern, multi-tenant cloud-based pharmacovigilance system based on industry best practices and incorporates advanced technology such as cognitive computing and machine learning to automate the repetitive and routine manual tasks in case processing.

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