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Press Release: ArisGlobal’s Dr. Krishna Bahadursingh, Senior Vice President, Safety and Risk Management, Featured by Japan’s Yakuji Nippo

Dr. Bahadursingh joined ArisGlobal in September, 2016, and brings more than 17 years of drug safety and risk management experience to ArisGlobal’s Safety and Pharmacovigilance business unit. The following is an English translation of a feature by Japan’s Yakuji Nippo

IT solution provider for pharmacovigilance and clinical safety, ArisGlobal KK, has appointed Dr. Krishna Bahadursingh as its new Representative Director. Having a medical background, he has also been concurrently appointed to the position of Senior Vice President of the Safety and Risk Management Business Unit at the US based Global Headquarters. He speaks fluent Japanese and has a deep understanding of the Japanese market, having held leadership roles in Banyu Pharmaceutical (currently MSD K.K.), and Eisai Co., Ltd. In spite of the fact that, there are various challenges involved in post-marketing pharmacovigilance operations at pharmaceutical companies, he has expressed that his commitments are on “building partnerships with Pharmaceutical companies” as well as focusing on trust with those partners.

ArisGlobal is a major global vendor for drug safety solutions. Transformation of business process is very critical for pharmaceutical companies with limited human resources available in the Pharmacovigilance department. Having held leadership roles in the Pharmacovigilance Department of pharmaceutical companies and hands on involvement in the implementation project of ARISg, a pharmacovigilance system, Dr. Krishna realizes the significance of IT systems in the management, early detection and analysis of adverse drug reactions.

That was one of the major factors in his decision to move from the Pharmaceutical business side to the IT vendor side. He is confident that ArisGlobal has enormous potential with a 30 year record of capabilities in product innovation to support global data analysis. However, he also realizes that there remains an immediate challenge of ArisGlobal being perceived by pharmaceutical companies as not being customer oriented when it comes to support.

Therefore, the first step is to build a solid partnership between pharmaceutical companies and this technology company. A symposium called Industry Standard Platform Japan (“ISPj”) is soon to be established as a basis for driving the development of innovative pharmacovigilance systems, while providing the Pharmacovigilance service package, “Total Safety” solution. This will be a forum for discussions among ArisGlobal users who can exchange opinions with their colleagues from pharmacovigilance department in other pharmaceutical companies.

Through local adaptation of the experiences and expertise from our Global operations, “we would be actively listening to our customers, exchanging opinions and establishing an industry standard platform.” We will be examining the problem of “unreported adverse events” in the industry through the same perspective as any of the pharma industry members. Our priority is to provide a high-quality service at affordable cost to the entire industry rather than customized service per individual company.

In addition to that, we will also be incorporating the latest innovative technologies to enhance “risk management, evaluation and analysis of real world data,” from sources such as social networking services. Safety analysis of data from sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn and dealing with the “big data landscape” will be significant challenges. However, those challenges will not impede our efforts in building trust and focusing on innovative development over the next 2 to 3 years.