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Blog: The Path to Breakthrough

​We live for breakthroughs. Every day, health and life sciences organizations are leading discoveries and engineering the future, driving an aspiration to make the world a better place. This is why we are here — we help enable the path that makes breakthroughs possible. We created Breakthrough2021, a virtual event bringing together key members of the life sciences and digital health community to provide insights into innovation, technology including automation, AI (artificial intelligence), and digital transformation to impact and shape the future of global health. 

Breakthrough is more than just an event — it’s a summit bringing the industry together to trigger discussions, inspire innovation, and increase transformation momentum. Hear from leading executives within the C-Suite including CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, and others as they share their perspective on how far we’ve come, where we’re headed, and what they’ve learned on their journey. The event will highlight key themes including scaling data for collaboration, optimizing technology, and empowering outcomes to increase organizational agility and enhance development. 


Digital transformation is now table stakes and an imperative for health and life sciences. Regulations, clinical documentation, safety management, and medical intelligence continue to evolve, requiring the same evolution for organizations to keep pace with the market including the adoption of technologies such as AI and automation to achieve breakthroughs faster. 

Technology drives the transformation within life sciences and it’s never been so important in light of the events of 2020. Transitioning to a cloud-enabled software model to manage drug development, organizations benefit from increased accessibility of data expanding their ability to scale information and share data for better decision making.  

The movement from on-premise to cloud-enabled solutions is only a fraction of the development of technology driving transformation. Modern consumer-grade SaaS platforms are part of the tools within the drug development lifecycle further by automating tasks within development, testing, and regulation. When paired with advanced AI capabilities, these solutions accelerate and enable organizations to develop drugs and therapies faster via new data-driven insights.  

At Breakthrough, we will focus on a vision for life sciences with a lens on what tomorrow’s technology holds –combined with the changing needs of organizations such as how teams can utilize connective data models and deep learning algorithms in life sciences.   


At Breakthrough, we believe that innovation is innate within every organization within the industry, and we highlight those who are pioneering innovation by adopting new practices and technology. The product life cycle in drug development is evolving with organizations. During the event, you’ll hear from some of the top leaders at the world’s most recognized pharmaceutical companies about their experience and perspective. In addition, you’ll hear from small and medium-sized organizations and CROs (Contract Research Organizations) about their insights into the market and how they are innovating to further enable data ownership, scale, and drive growth.   

As automation and AI continue to advance life sciences capabilities, organizations are investing in closing capability gaps within pharmacovigilance (PV) by utilizing early warning models to navigate safety concerns before they happen, which allows companies to be more agile in development. Processes are being streamlined to increase the speed of clinical trials and develop drugs in a more demanding environment while still adhering to strict quality standards. 

Breakthrough: Focused on Transformation and Innovation 

Breakthrough not only celebrates innovation and transformation but provides direct insight for the future. Through this event, we want to further inspire by sharing successes and challenges to help you gain practical knowledge to take back to your organization. Breakthroughs are not only dependent on innovation and transformation but the knowledge to drive real change. Every attendee at this event, from manager to executive, is part of what makes breakthroughs at these organizations possible. 

Be a part of the transformation in life sciences and join us at Breakthrough to further shape and influence patient health.