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Whitepaper: National Pharmacovigilance Systems & Role of Technology in Bridging the Disparities

A typical framework for a pharmacovigilance (PV) system at the national level includes a primary national regulatory body and several regional centers/ national centers. Across the spectrum of WHO classification of low and middle-income countries (LMIC) and high-income countries, ArisGlobal assessed the pharmacovigilance requirements in a randomly selected set of 20 countries and determined a ranking of Advanced, Emerging and Rudimentary categorizations of these countries’ PV capabilities. Regardless of its assessment, how can any nation improve its ranking? This white paper explores today’s national pharmacovigilance systems and the role of technology in bridging the gaps in drug safety of regulatory authorities around the world.
    Download this whitepaper to learn about:
  • Pharmacovigilance with an ‘e’ – the “4pt-classification” of the state of evolution of national pharmacovigilance systems
  • Modern technologies in pharmacovigilance system – the way forward for national PV systems
  • Advanced pharmacovigilance technologies –the role ‘e- enablement’ technology plays in bridging the gaps in pharmacovigilance of regulatory authorities across the world
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